Maxim Lubarsky


“Here you have a marvelously endowed talent. This is musicianship and artistic sensitivity at its highest level. Of such ingredients are great musical memories made and lives enriched thereby.”Joyce Miller(The Item, Sumter, SC)


Date Venue Time Group
August 2017    
Aug 12-20 China Tour tour  
Aug 22 Beehive 8pm Yulia Musayelyan Quartet
Aug 24 TBA 6pm Claudia Eliaza Quartet
September 2017    
Sept. 1 The Beehive 6.30pm Maxim Lubarsky Trio
Sept. 4 MIT 10pm Yulia Musayelyan Quartet
Sept. 9 Backyard Concert 7pm Maxim Lubarsky Group
Sept. 10 Peobody Festival 4.30 Archie Kubota Group
Sept. 15 Top Of The Hub 7pm Bob Sevine Trio
Sep 16 Dedham TV   Gabriela Martina Group
Sep 18 Berklee Performance Center  

with Matt Garrison and Berklee Faculty Band.Music of Matt Garrison.

Sept. 21 Top Of The Hub 7.30pm Maxim Lubarsky Trio w/
Keala Kaumeheiwa - Bass
Bob Sevine - Drums
October 2017    
October 14 Ryles Jazz Club 8pm Annie Royer
October 17 Regattabar 7.30pm Tango Meets Jazz
October 18 Thelonious Monkfish 7pm Maxim Lubarsky Trio
October 24 The Beehive 8pm Maxim Lubarsky Quartet w/ Tucker Antel - Saxophone Fernando Huergo - Bass Bertram Lehmann - Drums
November 2017    
Nov 4 The Beehive 6.30pm Yulia Musayelyan Trio
Nov 16 Lilipad 7pm Gabriela Martina Group
Nov 17 House Concert 7pm Maxim Lubarsky Trio
Nov 18 The Beehive 6.30pm Maxim Lubarsky Trio
Nov 22 Ryles Jazz Club 9pm Illona Kudina Quartet
Nov 23 Top Of The Hub 3pm Marty Ballou Trio
Nov 24 Raquel Rivera 6.30pm The Beehive
January 2018    
January 16 Beehive 8pm Bertram Lehmann Quartet w/ Maxim Lubarsky - Piano
Mike Tucker - Saxophone
Jesse Williams - Bass
January 18 Birch Bistro 8.30pm Never Say Never
January 25 Top Of the Hub 7.30 Bob Sevine Trio
January 30 Top Of The Hub 7.30 Bob Sevine Trio
February 2018    
February 2 TBA 7pm Gringo Kings
February 3 Bonafide, NY 7.30pm Gabriela Martina Group
February 4 Dream Farm Radio   Tango Meets Jazz
February 10 Top Of The Hub 8pm TBA
February 14 Scullers Jazz Club 8pm Gabrielle Goodman Group
February 15 Birch Bistro 6.30 Never Say Never Band
February 21 Berklee College Of Music - David Friend Recital Hall 7.30 Maxim Lubarsky Quartet
February 27 Sahara Club 7.30 Maxim Lubarsky Quartet
March 2018    
Match 11

Theatre On The Roof
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6pm Maxim Lubarsky / Bertram Lehmann Duo
April 2018    
April 10 Lillypad 8pm Jazz Composers Alliance Big Band
April 21 Top Of The Hub 8pm Gabriela Martina Group
April 22 The Triad, NY 10pm Gabriela Martina Group
April 27 Arlington Jazz Festival 9pm

Jesse Williams Quartet w/

Tucker Antell - Saxophone Maxim Lubarsky - Piano Jesse Williams - Bass Bertram Lehmann - Drums

April 28 Arlington Jazz Festival 9pm

Yulia Musayelyan Group w/

Yulia Musayelyan - Flutes Maxim Lubasky - Piano Fernando Huergo - Bass Mark Walker - Drums

May 2018    
May 14 Tres Gatos 8pm MaCaYu trio
May 15 Les Zygomates 8pm Gabriela Martina - Voice Maxim Lubarsky - Piano Bertram Lehmann - Percussion
May 16 Ryles Jazz Club 9pm Ilona Kudina Quartet
May 17 Thelnious Monkfish 7pm Maxim Lubarsky Trio w/
John Lockwood - Bass
Karin Chachuryan - Drums
May 18 House Concert 7pm MaCaYu Trio
July 2018    
July 29 Cambridge Jazz Festival 3.30pm Gabrielle Goodman Group w/ Oscar Stangaro - Bass
Yoron Israel - Drums
Tyron Chase - Guitar
Andre Ward - Saxophone
August 2018    
August 2 Top Of The Hub 7.30 Bob Sevine Trio
Augist 5 Vinegar Hill Music Hall 6.30 Annie Royer
August 11-20 China Tour    
September 2018    
September 9 12 Parish rd, Needham, MA 02494 6pm Backyard Concert w/ Maxim Lubarsky Group
September 13 Boylston Plaza Concert Series 7pm Lello Mollinari - Italian Job
Sept 14-23 Russia Tour Tour w/ Gabrielle Goodman Quintet
Sept 16 Usadba Jazz Festival (Russia) 4pm w/ Gabrielle Goodman Quintet
October 2018    
October 2 David Friend Hall Berklee College of Music 7.30pm Yulia Musayelyan Quartet
October 4 Berklee Performance Center 8pm Jazz Composers Alliance Big Band
October 11 Regattabar 7pm Anita Coulho Group
October 23 Sahara Jazz Club 8pm Maxim Lubarsky Group
November 2018    
Nov 2 Top Of The Hub 8pm Gabriela Martina Quartet
Nov 3 Dabte Aligieri Society 6pm Stefano Marchese Quartet
Nov 23 Merriot 10pm Ilona Kudina Quartet
December 2018    
Nov 7-9 Arkansas Tour Tour Annie Royer
January 2019    
Jan 3-14 China Tour   with Gabrielle Goodman
Jan 19 Davidzon Radio, NY 6pm Maxim Lubarsky Solo Piano
February 2019    
Feb 15 Berklee College of Music 7pm Gabrielle Goodman Classical Performance
Feb 20 Emanuel College 8pm Gabrielle Goodman Quartet with Ron Reid - Bass, Yoron Israel - Drums
Feb 23 Third Life STudio 7pm duo w/ Gabriela Martina
Fev 26 The Beehive 8pm Maxim Lubarsky Quartet
March 2019    
March 1 Boston Conservatory 6pm Music of Black Composers Concert
March 3 Tufts Univercity 3pm Performance at Russian Music Festival
Match 12 Berklee COllege of Music 7.30pm Berklee Piano Fuculty Concert
March 12 The Beehive 8pm Yulia Musayelyan Quartet w/ Yulia Musayellyan - Flutes Fernando Huergo - Bass Mark Walker - Drums